Death Adders Crew is derived from the snake name called "Death Adder".Death Adder is one of the most lethal snake which can be found in Australlia.We think we are like Death Adder,same lethal for those who don't care about their security.So we named our crew as Death Adder Crew.
We are Death Adders Crew.We are Pakistani Muslim hackers.We don't differentiate between our country and our enemy.We are the most hated team in Pakistan because we are not like others.We just hate low security.We hate vulnerable rats.Our primary mission is securing our country from internal and external attacks ,for that purpose we can do anything even we can hack our own country servers because we don't want see our enemy defaces and messages on our country websites.We are different from others hackers group.We have no rules for our country websites .We treat country and enemy equally.Since now we have hack many government websites of our country as will our enemy and we will do InshaAllah.